Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I like about her

This is a little exercise suggested by an online self-help book that I thought was amusing and simple enough to do.

Ten things I like about my wife.

  1. She is smart.
  2. She is a little edgy.
  3. She is very well educated.
  4. She is a babe. I still think she is sexy.
  5. She gave me children!
  6. She is an excellent mother.
  7. She is no pushover, but she can be very accommodating at times.
  8. She smells minty.
  9. She is pretty 'FOA' in many ways. I am always proud to show her off.
  10. She is politically and philosophically correct.
  11. She has a charming inumeracy. She is human.
  12. She is a very good cook.
  13. She is good at doing things generally.
  14. Did I mention she is smart? I like that.